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A free trial of a powerful suite of anti-virus and security tools for Windows

A free trial of a powerful suite of anti-virus and security tools for Windows

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Program license: Trial version

Program by: Kaspersky Lab


Works under: Windows


Program license

(685 votes)

Trial version

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Kaspersky Lab

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Kaspersky Antivirus is a dedicated software suite for protecting computers from malicious software. This protection includes detecting and removing all forms of malware.

There's an unsettling amount of antivirus options available for computer users to install in the hopes of protecting their systems from the interference of malware. Out of all of these choices, Kaspersky Antivirus is up among the most popular choices for complete protection. The package consistently finds itself in top 10 lists compiled by authoritative review websites for productive and intuitive antivirus solutions.

Kaspersky antivirus uses a specialized software engine to scan for infections. Once installed on a computer, it will seek out and eliminate infections. Every file on the computer is scanned, and the operating environment is actively monitored for potential virus intrusions moment-to-moment. The list of potential infections includes but isn't limited to worms, viruses, root kits and Trojans. A comprehensive feature set and a reputation for versatile but simple operation keeps Kaspersky in these top 10 lists. Computer users have the option to scan the entire computer or to check individual directories and files. If a suspected file needs to be scanned, simply right-click on it, call up the context menu and command a scan of that single piece of data, executable file or whatever.

Automation is where the true effectiveness of the program comes to the fore. An operator doesn't have time to check individual directories. Kaspersky schedules virus scans, carrying out the process in the background and using low CPU resources in order for primary tasks to continue without slowing, although less-powerful computers may experience occasional slowdown. Real-time protection ensures threats are continually monitored, while updated virus definitions are integrated into the application, downloaded invisibly and installed so that the latest virus dangers can be detected. Frustrating ransomware and headline-catching viruses won't take Kaspersky Antivirus by surprise.

Additional features include a built-in firewall and components for protecting digital identity, avoiding the stress and anger of identity theft. While intimidating in its scope of intrusion coverage, the graphical interface of the software package is logically laid out and friendly for newcomers to learn, delivering a user experience that can easily be set for maximum protection, then forgotten to run in the background.


Easy to install.

Stable operation.

Friendly, intuitive interface.

Real-time protection and monitoring.

Addition of a two-way firewall to thwart hackers.

Reputation for versatility that includes a virtual keyboard.

Small, automatically installed update definitions.

Website and email scanning.

Optimized for Windows 8.


Confusing purchase options. Only PURE 3.0 includes all features.

Less-powerful computers suffer from system slowdown.

Reports of delays in scanning.

Installation issues.

General consensus that the software takes over the computer.

Compatibility problems with some Internet browsers.